Using a Baby Carrier


This is the first place to start. We cover the most important rules for safe babywearing as well as some general guidelines.

Other-ResourcesTips on general positioning, getting baby onto your back, infant feeding in a carrier (including nursing, bottle feeding and using a Supplemental Nursing System), using a K’Tan and a Babywearing Glossary are all included here.



Care professionals are in a unique position to give their clients information about babywearing, which can make a positive difference in their clients’ well being. Babywearing International offers resources to help care professionals to help their clients, including printable PDFs.



An overview of the most notable benefits of babywearing, including references.



Sometimes babywearers sound like they are speaking in another language. This Glossary of Terms can help to clear up some of the confusion.

Buckle-CarrierSome of our favorite instructional videos and resources detailing how to do front, hip and back carries in a buckle carrier. This includes detailed how-to instructions showing how to get baby onto your back, how to hip scoot with a toddler, back carry options while pregnant and many more.

Mei-TaiThese videos and photo tutorials show how to do front, hip and back carries with a mei tai. They show how to cinch the seat and roll the waist of a too-wide carrier in order to better fit a smaller baby, getting a great seat, and tying variations that change the way baby’s weight is distributed onto the wearer’s body.

Ring-Sling2Tips, tweaks and videos showing how to do front, hip, and back carries as well as how-to’s on threading, getting a good seat, and troubleshooting.

Stretchy-WrapSome of our favorite resources for stretchy wraps. Videos and blog posts cover front carries with newborns and infants, nursing in a front carry, and hip carries with a toddler. Tips and tricks for using a stretchy with a newborn and infant safety are also covered.
Pouch-SlingThese tutorials go over front and hip carries in a pouch sling with a special focus on nursing, tightening the top rail, and providing head support for a newborn. There is also information about how to properly measure a pouch carrier before purchasing, and tips to see if your pouch sling fits you properly.

Woven-ResourcesThis page includes videos that cover different chest belt variations, slipknot tutorials, a wrap pass glossary and extensive lists of woven wrap carries by size.

Beginner-CarriesThis is a great place to start as a new wrapper. Start with front carries such as Front WRap Cross Carry and Front Cross Carry. As you become more comfortable with the mechanics of wrapping (and if your baby is an appropriate age) move onto the listed beginner hip and back carries.

Int-and-Adv-Front-Carries2Video and photo tutorials showing more advanced front carries including Front Torso Carry, Front Double Hammock, Kangaroo Carry, Front Reinforced Torso Rebozo, Semi-Front Wrap Cross Carry and many more.

Hip-CarriesTutorials detailing more advanced hip carries including Coolest Hip Cross Carry, Hip Kangaroo, Poppin’s Hip Carry, and Hip Rebozo.



This page shows more advanced woven wrap back carries including Double Hammock, Jordan’s Back Carry, Taiwanese Carry, Christina’s Ruckless, Reinforced Rucksack, Short Back Cross Carry and many more.