International Babywearing Week

International Babywearing Week is an annual outreach event sponsored by Babywearing International. It is a week-long opportunity to celebrate, promote, advocate for, and focus media attention on the many benefits of babywearing. We invite non-profit babywearing groups around the world to participate in IBW by registering as Official Celebrating Organizations. These organizations will host online and in-person events throughout the week. Babywearing International will promote IBW through its website, twitter, and Facebook accounts with contests, awards, giveaways, and other interactive events.

We invite all babywearers to celebrate International Babywearing Week with us from December 16-20, 2019.

The theme for IBW 2019 is Best Seat in the House. Join us during the week of December 16th to celebrate, educate, and advocate. All babywearers are welcome to join the celebrations. Here are a few ways to get involved:

Register as a Celebrating Organization

Non-profit educational groups and organizations are welcome to register as “Official Celebrating Organizations.” To sign up, please fill out this form! The full list of Celebrating Organizations will be published during IBW.

Join Us Online

Lots of IBW activities will be taking place online this year. Join the IBW Facebook Group and “like” the IBW Facebook Page to stay up to date, share your group’s activities, and participate in a fun social media party (with lots of prizes!) during IBW. The IBW hashtag for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is #IBW2019.

Complete an Awards Nomination

Know someone who is an outstanding babywearing advocate and educator? Complete a nomination form and help us acknowledge those who are our best allies and advocates. Click here to complete the nomination form.
2019 awards include:

  • The Jennifer Rosenberg Babywearing Advocate of the Year Award
  • The Vijay Owens Babywearing Advocacy Award for Lifetime Achievement in Promoting Babywearing
  • Best Babywearing Outreach Program (Vendor or Business)
  • Best Babywearing Outreach Event or Program (Non-profit or Individual)
  • Best Blog or Website Maintained by a BWI Chapter
  • BWI Outstanding Educators
  • BWI Outstanding Supporter

Be a Babywearing Advocate

  • Update your social media profile and show your support by using our official Twibbon Facebook profile filter.
  • Share IBW news releases with your local news outlets.

Tips for Safe Babywearing

Babywearing International believes that babywearing is an inherently safe activity. But as with any other baby or child product, it is important to observe a few basic safety tips.

Make sure your child’s airway remains open at all times while babywearing. The best way to do this is to keep him or her in an upright position, high enough on your body to monitor breathing and ensure that her chin is off her chest. Babywearing International recommends that infants only be held in a horizontal or cradle position while actively nursing (if desired) and return to an upright or vertical position as soon as they have finished.

It is also important that your carrier provide adequate support for your infant’s developing neck and back.Ideally baby should be held with his knees higher than his bottom with legs in a spread squat position and support from knee to knee although with older babies and toddlers full knee to knee support is not always possible or necessary. An ergonomic carrier (whether a soft structured carrier, Asian-style carrier, sling, or wrap) will provide better support for baby and will be more comfortable for the caregiver as well.

Always inspect your carrier for wear or damage before use examining it for weak spots, loose stitching, worn fabrics, etc. BWI recommends purchasing a carrier from a reputable manufacturer to ensure that it meets all current US safety, testing, and labeling standards.

Practice all carries—especially back carries–with a spotter, over a bed or couch, or low to the ground until you are completely confident. A BWI meeting is the perfect place to learn new skills with the assistance of a Volunteer Babywearing Educator. In most cases it is best to be comfortable with front carries before attempting back carries.

Always exercise common sense while babywearing. Baby carriers are not an approved child restraint or flotation device and should not be used in moving vehicles or boats or even when we ride on cars, even those electric gaming ones. Avoid babywearing in situations where it would not be safe to carry an infant in-arms.