Best Babywearing Shirts

So what exactly are babywearing shirts and baby carrier hoodies? Imagine a baby carrier that you can wear. And we don’t mean ‘wear over your clothes;’ these are the carriers you put on instead of your everyday shirts and hoodies.

Sounds exciting, right? More and more parents are buying into the idea of babywearing shirts just because of how practical and cool-looking they are. As a parent yourself, you can join the trend and peruse our list of 11 top-rated babywearing shirts and carrier hoodies.

Top Babywearing Shirts and Carrier Hoodies in 2019

The Best Halter Strap Shirt for Women: VIJA Design Halter Strap Kangaroo Top

The lovely VIJA design comes to us from Canada. This stylish-looking kangaroo-top shirt is 96% cotton, making it one of the softest options on this list. But it’s not just the softness that gives this babywearing shirt a spot on our list. Namely, VIJA Design is a skin-on-skin top, which encourages bonding with the baby. In addition, the pouch is deep and stretchy enough for easy breastfeeding.


  • The shirt is 96% cotton
  • Convenient for breastfeeding
  • Promotes skin-on-skin contact with the baby
  • The halter strap makes it look stylish
  • Comes in four different colors


  • Not built for dads or plus-sized moms
  • The top isn’t hands-free and you’ll need to hold the baby while wearing it

The Best T-Shirt for Women: VIJA Design Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo Care T-Shirt

Another VIJA product on this list, the Kangaroo Care T-Shirt is a great solution for discreet nursing. In addition, the shirt’s design makes it perfect for soothing a cranky baby. Just like the VIJA Design halter strap, the Kangaroo Care T-shirt promotes skin-on-skin contact. But there’s an extra benefit to this shirt. When you’re done nursing or carrying your little one, you can wear this product like any other cute shirt out there.


  • Perfect design for discreet nursing
  • 96% cotton
  • Available in six colors
  • Promotes skin-on-skin contact
  • You can wear it as a regular shirt


  • The shirt can be a tight fit for plus-sized moms
  • Not designed for dads

The Best Skin-on-Skin Option for Newborns: NuRoo Pocket

NuRoo is a mom-and-dad-favorite. For years, they made high-quality carriers and other assorted baby products. If you’re among those parents that love NuRoo carriers, you’ll be happy to know that one of their best babywearing shirts is on this list. This T-shirt contains 90% polyester and it securely holds the baby in place, allowing you to move your hands freely. In addition, it promotes breastfeeding and skin-on-skin contact. It’s also machine-washable and easy to clean.


  • The shirt has an inside baby pocket for a snug, safe fit
  • Promotes skin-on-skin contact
  • Comes with a belt that prevents the little one from sliding down
  • 90% breathable polyester
  • Easy to clean and machine-washable


  • This product is available in a limited number of sizes and colors
  • Not designed for dads

The Best Shirt for Hot Summer Days: NuRoo Moisture-Wicking Babywearing Shirt

Once again, we have an amazing NuRoo product that moms and babies will adore. This time, it’s the NuRoo Moisture-Wicking shirt for newborns and infants. During scorching summer days, you need something with breathable fabrics that absorbs sweat and other moisture. In addition to sweat absorption, the NuRoo Moisture-Wicking shirt is great for skin-on-skin contact. Moreover, the weave and the material are soft enough to make your baby feel comfortable.


  • Absorbs moisture well
  • Promotes skin-on-skin contact
  • Comes in different sizes, making it plus-sized-mom-friendly
  • Supporter belt holds the little one in place and prevents any sliding


  • Velcro sections of the shirt can make you feel uncomfortable
  • Not designed for dads

The Best Skin-on-Skin Option for Men: VIJA Men’s Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo Care T-Shirt

The quality of VIJA is reflected in both their products and their inclusivity. There are lots of stay-at-home dads out there who could really use a babywearing shirt. In fact, employed fathers in particular benefit from products such as VIJA Men’s Kangaroo Care T-shirt. It is not only stylish and comfortable but also promotes skin-on-skin contact with the baby. It’s an amazing product for newborns, but it’s also a neat fashion item when you compress the pouch.


  • 96% cotton
  • Promotes skin-on-skin contact
  • You can compress the pouch and wear it as an everyday shirt
  • Stylish and comfortable


  • You need to put your hand on the little one for support
  • Not designed for moms

The Most Stylish Shirt for Men: DadWare Cotton Kangaroo Care T-Shirt

One look at this charcoal-colored shirt will tell you everything you need to know about DadWare. It is not only an amazing-looking item but also one of the best babywearing shirts for men on the market today. Moreover, the Velcro section allows the dad to hold the baby in the natural, nursing position. In addition, the shirt itself promotes skin-on-skin contact, helping you bond with the little one. And once you’re done carrying the baby for the day, you can use the DadWare Kangaroo Care as just a shirt. All you have to do is tape it up.


  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Promotes skin-on-skin contact
  • Velcro pocket makes it look great as a regular shirt
  • Made of soft, high-quality materials


  • Not hands-free
  • Velcro can irritate the child’s skin
  • Not designed for moms

Top Carrier Hoodies

The Best Hoodie for Windy Weather: Luckyshop Kangaroo Sweatshirt

Windy weather can be harmful to the baby. Luckyshop decided to do something about it and the result is a stylish, warm, comfortable sweatshirt. Your little one will feel safe and snug in the front pocket, and you even get a tiny hoodie to put on its head. One amazing feature of Luckyshop is that it comes in all sizes, making it the perfect choice for plus-sized women.


  • Soft, comfortable material
  • Front pocket with a small hoodie for a snug fit
  • You can unzip the front end and wear it as a regular hoodie
  • It’s great for both newborns and toddlers, and even small pets


  • Limited number of colors and designs
  • The fabric is soft but not as durable as other options on the market


The Best Jacket Option: Extendher Baby Carrier Coat

Okay, this might not be a hoodie, but a full-blown jacket. However, that doesn’t stop Extendher from being on this list. After all, it’s the perfect solution for chilly days. For example, the detachable front pocket will keep your baby safe and allow you full arm mobility. In addition, the outer shell is made from waterproof nylon. If you live in an area with lots of rainfall, then this might just be the jacket for you. And your little one, of course.


  • Detachable, secure baby pocket
  • Outer shell made from waterproof nylon
  • Warm and soft for windy days
  • You can wear it as an ordinary jacket when you remove the pocket


  • The zippers are a bit on the low-quality side
  • Velcro and nylon can feel uncomfortable to the baby

The Best Polyester Hoodie: FUN2BEMUM Baby Carrier Jacket

FUN2BEMUM is an amazing winter hoodie. It’s made from polyester, making it exceptionally warm. In addition, it’s just large enough to fit the majority of popular baby carriers underneath. But it also works like a typical jacket once you take the baby pocket section out. Finally, it’s a hoodie that can carry babies of all ages and sizes, from newborns to toddlers.


  • Spacious
  • Accommodates most baby carriers, wraps, and slings
  • You can wear it like a regular jacket
  • Made from warm, durable polyester


  • Might be too big for women of small builds
  • Limited number of designs

The Best Option for Plus-Sized Parents: Smallshow Baby Carrier Fleece Sweatshirt

Smallshow, like Extendher, isn’t really a hoodie. In fact, it’s more of a jacket or a sweatshirt. It also has the side pockets and the girth of a sweatshirt. But it also has a detachable baby pocket, which is just large enough and warm enough to accommodate any baby. In addition, the Smallshow is made from soft, durable materials that keep the baby warm during winter. Interestingly, the material breathes in such a way that you can even wear it during spring.


  • Large and accommodating for all baby carriers
  • Soft, durable materials that keep the baby warm
  • Detachable baby pockets
  • Long sleeves and side pockets


  • Might be too big for petite moms
  • New products have a chemical smell to them

The Best Front and Back Option: Boba Baby Carrier Hoodie

Boba is another ‘fan-favorite’ among parents. Most of their carriers are made from stretchy, durable fabrics, and the Baby Carrier hoodie is no exception. With this hoodie on, you can carry both newborns and toddlers alike. Interestingly, you can wear this hoodie on the front as well as the back. And once it gets dirty, just let the washing machine do the work.


  • Soft, durable fabrics
  • Frontside and back wearing option
  • Comes with side-pockets as well as a hoodie-pocket to feel the baby’s diaper
  • Fits over most carriers and slings


  • The hoodie isn’t as snug and secure as other options on the market
  • Might not be the best model for plus-sized moms

What Features Should You Look For In a Babywearing Shirt or Carrier Hoodie?

Pouch Type

When you look at babywearing shirts and carrier hoodies, you usually have two types of pouches. The first type allows for skin-on-skin contact and it’s usually on the inside of the shirt. On the other hand, the second type is on the outside. Depending on what your baby needs, you can pick either one.


When you’re shopping for a good shirt or hoodie, make sure that the material is:

  • Natural
  • Durable
  • Easy to wash
  • Soft to the touch

You need something that will keep the baby safe and secure. But it’s just as important that the baby feels comfortable when enveloped in the carrier’s fabric.


Your babywearing shirt should fit your baby as much as it fits you. In other words, you need to get a product that will accommodate a baby of any size. Universal babywearing shirts are a good way to go.

Hands-Free Option

As a busy parent, you’ll need a shirt that frees up both of your hands. In that case, you might want to look up products with proper baby support. Shirts with extra belts that prevent sliding are a good option.

Nursing Accessibility

Moms need to nurse their newborns, so it’s a good idea to get a shirt that accommodates that. In fact, even if you’re a father, your child will benefit from a shirt with a nursing position option. Some babies love being carried in that manner and a shirt that provides that will help you bond with them.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, babywearing shirts and hoodies are definitely not like regular carriers. However, they have the added benefit of being both functional AND fun. Parents can use them as regular shirts, hoodies, jackets, and sweatshirts even when their little one is asleep or in a stroller.

Are you interested in babywearing shirts and hoodies? If so, feel free to try any of the products on our list. You can go about your busy schedule and still keep your little bundle of joy safe and comfy on your chest.

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