Best Baby Carriers for Twins

Taking care of one baby is already a lot of hard work. But with twins, you literally have your hands full. And since modern parents are already hard workers, a good carrier can help them immensely. As a parent of twins, you might want to invest in a decent twin baby carrier.

We fully understand how hard it is for parents of twins to go about their day. That’s why we’ve compiled this short list of the best baby carriers for twins in 2019. The handy buyer’s guide at the end will also explain how to pick the best option for your little bundles of joy.

Our Favorite Picks from Amazon

The Best Soft-Structured Carrier: Weego

Weego is a soft-structured twin baby carrier. The unique double pouch design makes it perfect for carrying your lovely bundles of joy with equal weight distribution. In addition, it’s soft, smooth, hip-healthy, and, most importantly, grows and stretches with the babies. Weego is best suited for premature babies who weigh 4 pounds and above. Finally, it’s machine-washable and extremely easy to clean. You won’t have to worry about those nasty stains when your little ones make an oopsie.


  • Unique double pouch design
  • Soft-structured
  • Hip-healthy for the babies
  • Specially designed for newborn twins


  • Pricier than most options on this list
  • Limited number of design patterns

The Best Custom-Made Carrier: Nesting Days

Nesting Days isn’t like your typical carrier. For instance, the babies are positioned around your belly rather than down the length of your torso. Not only is this an amazing feature for the postpartum period, but it’s also a great way to provide tummy support. In addition, quite a few babies love this position, especially during their earliest stages of development.

We should note that Nesting Days is a made-to-order product and, incidentally, it’s not advertised as a product for newborn twins. That’s why we strongly urge you to talk to your pediatrician before you order this carrier. However, if they approve of your decision, make sure to measure yourself properly. You’ll need to provide the good people over at Nesting Days your exact measurements for a proper-fitting carrier. But once you get it, you’ll see why it’s ‘worth the risk.’ The Nesting Days is a soft, durable and beautiful carrier that will provide all of the support your little ones need. In fact, it will be literally tailor-made for them.


  • Tailor-made San Francisco-made carrier
  • Soft, smooth, and durable
  • Promotes skin-on-skin contact with the babies
  • Provides tummy support


  • You can only order it from their official website
  • Consultation needed with the pediatrician before buying this product

The Best Skin-on-Skin Carrier: NuRoo Pocket

NuRoo Pocket, like Nesting Days, is primarily a carrier for a single newborn baby. However, it comes in a wide variety of sizes, so you can easily get one that will fit both of your little ones without any issues.

There’s a reason why NuRoo products end up on top lists such as this one. For years, NuRoo experts have worked hard to make the best products out there for our babies. NuRoo Pocket is a prime example of a smooth, durable carrier that can handle both newborns and toddlers up to 45 pounds. In addition, you won’t need any knotting, wrapping, tying, or newborn inserts to use it. Simply put it on and enjoy bonding with your little ones. And we don’t use the term ‘bonding’ lightly. The NuRoo Pocket is specifically designed for skin-on-skin contact, which is crucial for you and your twin babies during their early months.


  • 90% polyester
  • Breathable and stretchy
  • Promotes skin-on-skin bonding with the babies
  • No wrapping or knotting required


  • Not specifically built for twins, pediatrician consultation required
  • Has limited design options

Most Positions per Carrier: Baby K’Tan

Extremely stretchy and comfortable. Baby K’Tan has been a favorite of moms and dads for a while now. The most commonly-cited reason for that is how well it fits the wearer. K’Tan has designed this carrier to fit your body’s specifications. And since it covers plus-sized and petite people alike, it’s no wonder that so many want to buy it.

But how does it fare with twins? Well, officially, K’Tan can’t sell this product to parents with twin babies. However, nearly every parent who has used it to carry their newborns has had nothing but praise for the carrier. It stretches just enough to accommodate both of the children, but it stays firm enough not to sag. Of course, we should stress that this is a decent carrier for newborn twins and newborn twins alone. You’ll have to seek other options when your tiny ones age a little.


  • 100% cotton
  • Soft and durable stretchy fabric
  • Promotes skin-on-skin contact with the babies
  • Five separate positions


  • Not for toddler twins
  • Difficult to purchase because of K’Tan’s policies on using this product for twins

Infant Twins Baby Carriers

The Best Carrier for Large Infants: TwinGo

TwinGo might be a bit on the pricey side, just like any high-quality carrier out there. But thanks to its ergonomic design and versatility, it’s more than deserving of a spot on this list.

This spectacular carrier is perfect for infants that weigh over 10 pounds. If you’re going to do some work around the house and need both of your hands, simply strap your little ones in the TwinGo. One goes at the front, the other at the back — you get equal weight distribution and a lot of versatility.

But it doesn’t end there. You also get an infant attachment if you plan on carrying your twins who weigh 7 pounds. More importantly, if your partner would like to help you out, the TwinGo can be detached into two separate, individual carriers.


  • Soft, smooth, organic fabric
  • Ergonomic design that distributes the weight of the twins evenly
  • Detachable into two separate individual carriers
  • Can support 70 pounds of combined weight


  • A bit pricier than other options on the market
  • Complicated setup

The Most Storage per Carrier: Twingaroo

Two insulated bottle holders, a built-in diaper bag, an extra bag for keys and other accessories, extra safety latches — those are just the extra features of the Twingaroo. When we talk about its key features, we have to touch on just how versatile, secure, and ergonomic this carrier is.

Made for infant twins, the Twingaroo can be used as both a single and a double carrier. In addition, the shoulder straps have extra padding. That’s always an important feature because carrying twins is harder than carrying a single baby. You really get to feel those pounds on your shoulders, so you need the best weight distribution that a carrier can provide. And Twingaroo’s padded straps are just the solution you need.


  • Diaper bag
  • Lots of extra storage
  • Extra-padded shoulder straps
  • Can be used as a single or a double carrier


  • Limited design options
  • A bit complicated to strap on

Features to Look For In a Baby Carrier for Twins

Is It For Twins?

It might seem silly to stress this point, but it’s extremely important that the carrier is meant for twins. Some of the options we listed above are a bit on the dubious side, but that’s only because they have already been tested with twins, and with roaring success. Sometimes even a single baby carrier can work with twins of a certain age or weight. Speaking of…

Age and Weight of Your Twins

Since carrying two babies can be a chore, the best time to buy carriers is either directly after birth or during their infancy. It’s also important to know the combined weight of your twins. After all, you don’t want to strain your back carrying them both when they reach a certain number of pounds.

Durability & Weight Distribution

With every carrier, it’s important to have proper weight distribution. You can cause permanent damage to your back if you get a product that doesn’t take weight distribution into account. In addition, the carrier has to last for a while. Twins are always heavier than a single baby, and prolonged use of a carrier can cause rips, stretches, tears, and sagging.

Final Thoughts

Some of the best baby carriers for twins are not even meant to be used for two babies simultaneously. However, they are hard to find, which is why we went through the trouble of compiling the list before you. Your little ones deserve the best, so feel free to purchase any of these products; they’ll help your twin darlings grow big and strong in the best, most healthy way possible.

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