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Postpartum Depression: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Although having a baby should be a joyous moment for every mother out there, sometimes, her psychological state doesn’t allow her to enjoy motherhood to the fullest. The most common reason for feeling sad, anxious, and tired for longer than …

Understanding & Managing Pregnancy Anxiety

During those nine months of pregnancy, every mom-to-be might seem like she’s just glowing from within and is as happy as she can be. However, underneath it all, anxiety is lurking. Various things might be worrying a new mom, some …

Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy: Causes and Management

As soon as the third trimester approaches, many pregnant women — up to 80% of them, to be exact — experience some level of pelvic pain. At that time, the pelvic region is extremely sensitive, and the pressure it’s under …

Back Labor 101: Warnings & Pain Management

Preparing for labor is an ordeal in and of itself for every pregnant lady out there. There are birthing classes you ought to attend to, pilates balls to jump on, and books to read until the contractions start. What’s more, …

Understanding Lower Back Pain During Your Period

When it’s that time of the month, women don’t just have to endure bleeding for anywhere from three days to up to a week. A variety of symptoms tag along, such as cramps, headaches, and bloating. One of the most …

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